Beauty is shaped by the beholder; that much is true. However, what anyone fails to account is that it is also influenced by our environment and the norms around us, which makes it really hard to determine whether what we see as “beautiful” can be, in fact, nothing more than simply us having to follow someone else’s dictum.

Did I scare you on the first paragraph? Well, I certainly hope not! Just like any other “blogger” out there in the entire ecosystem of the internet, I write on what I know to be true, first and foremost. This is just a simple day in the life of Monique, after all (that’s me, by the way!)

So, what else do you have to know about me other than being a happily married wife to the most wonderful man I have met in my life (yep, that’s how in love we are with each other—like teenagers!)? Well, for one, I work as a fashion designer at one of the coolest places to work in Lanecove. It’s not as “glamourous” as those industries in Paris or Italy, but who cares? I still get to work on what amounts to be a dream job for many girls ever since the dawn of time! Seeing my clothes being worn by someone else is indeed a priceless feeling.

You may also see me hitting the gym from time to time when I happen to be off from work. Hey, just because I’m already married doesn’t mean that I don’t have to look good in front of my hubby, you know! But alas, my one weakness so far is food. Why can’t I ever seem to get rid of it?!

Anyways, if you like reading any of the stuff I have posted here, then give me a holler on Twitter @ImMoniqueKinney! Let’s hang out sometime, shall we?  

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