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These are the No-Hesitation Detox Diets You Can Do Right Now

The good thing about following a detox diet is that it is really easy to do so right now. However, whilst it is “easy” to observe a detox diet, it can be very “hard” to maintain it because… well, detox has this unpopular reputation of “starving” people. And really, that isn’t true at all.

How so? Well, we can prove it by collating you a short list of the no-hesitation detox diets you can do right away! Read more below!

1.       Drink water—lots and lots of it

Yes, it makes perfect sense, but it still needs to be stressed time and time again: water helps your body in various ways, and “flushing” out toxins happens to be one of them.

So, if you really want to be sure if you’re drinking enough liquids, then drinking one-to-two quarts a day should be helpful for this purpose. A couple of cups of coffee or tea can also be helpful in this regard.

2.       Eat just enough calories

When people say “dieting”, their minds immediately flash to lunches and dinners where starving yourself is the norm. Of course, it should be common knowledge by now that that tact does not work; rather than starving yourself, you simply have to regulate the caloric intake you’re consuming on a daily basis. 1400-1600 calories should do it. Anything lower than that, and you get to burn muscle instead of fat. Really, that’s painful.

3.       Have a “healthy” breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, what the old-timers didn’t tell us back then was that it should be a “healthy” meal instead of a gut-busting hearty one.
So, what qualifies as a healthy meal, then? Well, it’s most likely the stuff that we’re already conditioned to eat breakfast as adults: whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, yogurt, apples, or even salmon. Basically, all the things that you can find from an organic food store.

4.       If it’s green, then it’s good to eat

If there’s anything that qualifies as a “detox” diet, then a green smoothie is the most prototypical image of a detox diet we have in our minds. And really, it’s with good reason, too: you can put more than just veggies there. Here are just a couple of ingredients you can mix with your detox smoothie: spices, herbs, fruits, and proteins. If anything, having any “one” of these components in your smoothie is enough to give you a complete diet that will power you through the rest of your busy day.

5.       Go “lean” with your protein

Proteins are important to just about any diet. However, if you’re thinking that you can wolf down any chicken or pork you encounter in the fridge, then better control yourself back there: if you’re going to go full-protein with either your lunch or dinner, then you have to go with “lean” meats for this one.

So, as likely examples of lean proteins, the food you can consume for this purpose should include fish, beans, turkey breast, skinless chicken, and whole grains. If you really want to go the whole nine yards, then you can pair it with vegetables, too.

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